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October 30th 2011

Impressive! It took one year and ten days of going totally black on this homepage, and still less than 3 people cared... anyway...

My latest updates

Android projects...


Romanian-only app that's basically the only real Android alternative of browsing our country's (less or more stupid) laws. To implement this one I put on the table my best knowledge about:

ECM Handler

ECM stands for "encrypted contained message" and it's a very, very long shot at attempting to put in the wild a way of allowing short encrypted messages to pass through unsecured channels (let's say, web pages or QR codes). It allows the non-standard "ecm://" protocol to reach the app, a protocol which contains embedded encrypted data instead of the usual hostname/query parts that would make a readable URI. The design of this protocol was created by me and uses military-strenth cryptography principles (AES-256, message checksum) and also compresses the data before encryption.

Older projects...

C/C++/win32 projects

Yahoo! Messenger Now Playing v5.1 - March 23, 2011
A very small native Winamp plugin (NOT a separate application) that allows you to show in Yahoo! Messenger 11, 10, 9 or older what you are playing in Winamp. Click the link to find out why it is much, much better than any other plugin with the same purpose.

HyperIM 2.14 - November 25, 2007 - Popular program used by hundreds of thousands of users.
What you get in less than 1 MB: complex status manager for Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, with support for media info from 19 media players (Winamp, WMP, iTunes, foobar2000, Musicmatch Jukebox, and whole lot others), details from uTorrent, Yahoo! auto-replies, Yahoo! Magic Avatars, Yahoo! Emoticons chooser, and many many other plugins...

Yahoo! Messenger Magic Avatar v0.618 - March 28th 2007
This is a stand-alone version of the similar plugin from HyperIM. It allows you to create a 16x16 bitmap unseemingly hidden in a 96x96 bitmap.

.NET stuff

I have removed the available .NET projects from this page, since all my .NET programs were NOT for mainstream release, but rather school projects. These included:

What's next?!

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